October Update for Modal Tease String Band

Howdy Folks,

Well September came and went! The Berkeley Old Time Festival was a blast and we came back energized with many new tunes to learn. My son turned 3 on October 1st and I’m counting down the days ’til he’ll be old enough to learn banjo (this isn’t just Dragon Mom … he is fascinated). As I write this, its been rainy and cold in Mt Baldy, feeling more like Winter than Fall. We hope part of your Fall Harvest will include joining us for some music from Appalachia and Beyond.

Upcoming venues:

  • This Sat, 10/8, 1-4pm, we provide entertainment for the 2nd Annual Mt Baldy Wine in the Woods fundraiser at the Glick’s chalet in Baldy (intersection of Mt Baldy Rd and Ice House Canyon Trailhead).
  •  This Sun, 10/9, we plan to compete at the Old Time Fiddler’s Convention and Festival in Goleta (http://fiddlersconvention.org/dpage.php?page_id=1). We hope to go on around 11a and stay most of the day for jamming, etc. That evening, we’ll perform at the Samarkind Covenant Retirement Community in Santa Barbara from 6:45-7:45p (http://www.thesamarkand.org/).
  • Fri 10/14 we host the 2nd Friday old time jam at the Fretted Frog in Echo Park (1200 N Alarado St, LA). Bring your tunes and talent and come hoedown with us. Beforehand (5-7p), some Teasers will perform at the Echo Park Farmer’s market (1125 Logan St, LA).

The rest of our efforts this month will be spent in the studio, recording for a CD we hope to release in December. Stay tuned!

Thanks again for your interest in our band,

–fiddling mama B


About bthom

Fiddle-crazed domestic engineer and computer scientist.
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