November Update for the Modal Tease String Band

Howdy Folks,

October came and went so fast that its already mid-november. Holy cow
… how time flies when you’re having fun!

Since our last update, we’ve finished recording our first CD,
Aggravatin’ Beauty, played a variety of neat parties, and placed 2nd
in the Old Time String Band competition at Goleta. I’m including a few
pictures to give you some flavor.

We’re really excited about sharing our new CD with you and hope you
can join us at the Coffee Gallery Backstage on Sat, Dec 3 from 7-9pm, where we’ll unveil it for the first time. Modal Tease and Cliff Wagner & Old Number 7 double headline this bill in celebration of their new CDs, bringing you a not-to-be-missed Christmas show that celebrates music from Appalachia, Nashville, and Beyond. Admission is $20. The Backstage is such an ideal place to see acoustic music — great sound, intimate setting — and seating is very limited, so we recommend RESERVING YOUR SEAT by calling (626) 798-6236 between 10a and 10p. For more info on the show, go to and scroll down to Dec 3rd.

Thanks for your interest in our music and wishing you a delightful Thanksgiving.

–fiddling mama B

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Fiddle-crazed domestic engineer and computer scientist.
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