December Update for the Modal Tease String Band

Hello Friends and Modal Tease fans,

Happy Holidays to you and thanks for sharing your attention with us.
What a wonderful year of music from Appalachia and Beyond its been.

I’d like to remind you that on Sat Dec 3, 7-9p we’ll have a fabulous
show (double headlining with Cliff Wagner & Old Number 7) at the
Coffee Gallery Backstage in Alta Dena
( We’re counting on YOU to be
there to help make this celebration and CD release party all its meant
to be. So scuttle those Bah Humbugs out of their holes and come down
to show Los Angeles we know how to “pack the joint.” Reservations can
be made at (626) 798-6236.

We’re also hosting our monthly jam at the Fretted Frog in Echo Park on
the 2nd Friday of December, 12/9, from 8-10:30p (1200 N. Alvarado St
LA). Bring your instrument and make some merry music with us!

Merry Christmas and Happy Egg-noggin’,

–Fiddling Mama B and the Modal Tease String Band


About bthom

Fiddle-crazed domestic engineer and computer scientist.
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